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Shop Clean Skincare, Sustainable Home Goods + Fair Trade Essentials -- Free Shipping* $75+
Shop Clean Skincare, Sustainable Home Goods + Fair Trade | Free Shipping* $75+


THE WELLEST. is a responsibly curated one-stop shop for sustainable lifestyle brands, providing a reliable marketplace solely dedicated to ethical products while helping consumers save time and resources to shop more responsibly on everyday purchases.

On a Mission

The Wellest. started as a popup shop to connect a small Southern California community with ethical, eco-friendly and wellness-forward products at a time when connection and health were most needed.

Within six months, The Wellest. had partnerships with more than 20 brands, offering over 120 products to local residents of Long Beach; a small selection of products can also be found at the ethically aligned retail collective, Fair Trade Long Beach.

Logistically, The Wellest. story began in 2015, when our founder participated in a 6-month course on the conservation and taxonomy of animal and plant species. Through this course, she studied the backstory of palm oil production and its devastating effects on orangutans living in the wild, their Endangered status, and the destruction of their natural environments.

This insight led her on a deeper dive into the food (peanut butter, bread, potato chips), skincare (shampoo, soaps, toothpaste) and household cleaning products containing palm oil. In turn, this opened a Pandora's Box of other ingredients added to personal care product formulations that have been linked to cancer, thyroid issues, and reduced immune system function, among other health concerns.

During this transformational time, she began experiencing a painful skin condition that set her on a five-year purge of conventional household cleaning, skincare and beauty products. Our founder also researched the natural healing rituals and remedies of her Hawaiian ancestors, reigniting a long-forgotten passion for and inspiration in the use of herbs and plants for the care of everyday ailments and daily skin and hair treatments.

Ongoing research on the potentially harmful ingredients found in everyday skincare and beauty products (especially with cases of breast cancer on both sides of her family), as well as in the foods we eat, the water we drink and serve to our families and animals, and the irresponsible manufacturing practices that put profits before people were enough to set her on a mission. Hence, THE WELLEST. was born.

The Vision

To inspire, support and prioritize the wellbeing of people, animals and our planet by providing a values-driven shopping experience with brands that are vetted for authenticity, transparency and quality.