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** FREE SHIPPING w/ $50 min. order (exclusions apply) **
** FREE SHIPPING w/ $50 min. order (exclusions apply) **

Our Values

The Wellest. Values - Shop Socially Responsible Brands

Cruelty-free products on The Wellest. have not been tested on animals. Because we take animal cruelty seriously, we have confirmed that the skincare, cosmetics, bath and body products we source have verified that they do not test their products on rabbits, mice or other creatures for irritants to the skin. This also means the brands we choose to work with have committed to testing their products ONLY on human beings through paid or volunteer-based research.


The Wellest. Values - Shop Health and Wellness Brands

Clean beauty products are made without ingredients that are suspected to cause harm to human health and wellness. At The Wellest., clean beauty can include natural, naturally derived and organic ingredients, but we also want the products to be high-performing and luxurious. Just because something is 'natural' doesn't mean it has to compromise on quality. Our simple belief is that there's no reason to keep using products with potentially harmful ingredients; and there's no excuse for companies to make products that have the potential to cause harm to people, animals and our planet.


The Wellest. Values - Shop Sustainably Focused Brands

Sustainable products are made with materials that are earth-friendly, meaning they can be responsibly sourced, using recycled, upcycled or reclaimed material such as deadstock fabrics, or created with their environmental impact in mind. The Wellest. is committed to sourcing responsibly in support of ecological sustainability through the harvesting of raw materials that not only makes the least negative impact on the earth but also ensures surrounding communities will not be negatively affected.


The Wellest. Values - Shop Plant-Based and Vegan Brands

Plant-Based and Vegan products are free from the use of animal products and byproducts, instead using ingredients derived from plants, such as seeds, fruits and vegetables. At The Wellest. we carry both plant-based and vegan skincare and beauty products as well as clothing and accessories. We also carry cruelty-free products that may not be vegan such as our reusable food wraps made from beeswax. To ensure the product you're buying is vegan or plant-based, look for the "Vegan" notation on the product's page to confirm it is 100% free from animal products or byproducts.